Has a member asked you for money?

If a member asks you for money you should block the profile and immediately report them to us. Please help us keep the site safe by reporting these incidents or any suspicious profiles.

Don't be fooled

No matter how many messages you have exchanged, how long you have been chatting or how well you think you know the member, if they are asking for money they are almost certainly a scammer. It can be difficult if you have emotionally invested in the relationship but the sooner you can come to terms that the person is not genuine the better the outcome will be.

Have you sent someone money?

If you've sent someone money then please follow the steps below:

  • Block the profile to prevent further messages
  • Report the profile to us so we can terminate the account
  • Contact us and explain what has happened
  • Contact your bank and your local authorities. We always cooperate with the authorities to help bring these people to justice.

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