Population 346,765
Single pop. 95,499
Timezone America/Toronto
Country Canada

London - 'The Forest City'

Welcome to London, Ontario—a vibrant city brimming with youthful energy and a flair for celebration! Known affectionately as the "Forest City," London boasts a delightful blend of picturesque parks and lively urban spaces. Whether you're sipping coffee in one of the trendy cafes in Richmond Row, exploring the eclectic boutiques, or enjoying the electric atmosphere at one of the many festivals, London offers a backdrop that sparks connections and invites stories. It's a place where every heart can find its beat, making it an ideal scene for romance and new beginnings.

Date ideas for London

Stroll through Victoria Park

Enjoy a leisurely walk or a cozy picnic at Victoria Park, the heart of downtown London. With its beautiful scenery and frequent festivals, it's a perfect spot to connect and share joyful moments.

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Art exploration at Museum London

Dive into culture at Museum London, where you can explore Canadian art and historical exhibits. It's a thoughtful spot for those who appreciate creativity and want to experience new perspectives together.

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Coffee Break at Black Walnut Bakery Cafe

Savor some artisan pastries and excellent coffee at Black Walnut Bakery Cafe. With its warm atmosphere, it's an ideal place for deep conversations or just enjoying a relaxed afternoon.

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Adventure in Fanshawe Conservation Area

For the outdoorsy types, spend a day at Fanshawe Conservation Area. Whether it’s hiking, biking, or just observing wildlife, it’s a great way to bond over shared interests in nature.

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Catch a show at The Grand Theatre

Experience the thrill of live performance at The Grand Theatre. Offering a variety of plays and musicals, it’s a fantastic way to enjoy an evening out and get inspired together.

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Dating in London

In the vibrant heart of London, Ontario, where diversity blooms amidst its lively festivals, arts scene, and bustling university campuses, One Scene stands out as your go-to dating app. Whether you're sipping coffee in Old East Village or strolling along the Thames River, One Scene connects you with like-minded singles who celebrate uniqueness and authenticity. It’s more than just an app; it’s a community where every color of the rainbow is seen and appreciated. Here, you can find someone who truly gets you, in a city that thrives on inclusivity and connection. Join One Scene today and discover love in London's wonderfully eclectic backdrop!

A brief history of London

Nestled in the heart of Southwestern Ontario, London is a vibrant city brimming with history and culture. Known as the "Forest City," London's lush parks and scenic pathways offer an enchanting backdrop perfect for romantic strolls or cozy picnics. Established in 1826, London has grown into a bustling urban center that retains its intimate community charm, making it an ideal setting for connections to bloom.

Throughout the years, London has embraced its diversity, becoming a cultural mosaic where all are welcomed and celebrated. With annual festivals that light up the streets and parks, from music to art and culinary delights, there's always a reason to come together and share experiences. This inclusive spirit makes London not just a city but a community where relationships can flourish in a rich tapestry of backgrounds and stories. Whether you're looking for friendship, love, or something in between, London offers a warm embrace and the perfect scene to write your own story.