Population 18,960,744
Single pop. 5,221,789
Timezone Asia/Shanghai
Country China

Beijing - 'The Forbidden City'

Welcome to Beijing, a city where ancient history meets modern vibrancy! This bustling metropolis is not just China's political capital but also a cultural treasure trove, brimming with stunning imperial landmarks like the Forbidden City and the serene Summer Palace. For the young and the young at heart, Beijing offers a dynamic scene with trendy cafes, lively night markets, and lush parks perfect for a romantic stroll or a joyful meet-up. Whether you're captivated by its historical mystique or excited by its contemporary pulse, Beijing is a city that invites everyone to explore, connect, and create unforgettable memories together.

Date ideas for Beijing

Stroll in Jingshan Park

Enjoy a leisurely walk through Jingshan Park, an imperial garden with stunning views of the Forbidden City. It's a peaceful place to connect and share stories, especially beautiful during sunset.

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Explore 798 Art Zone

Dive into the contemporary art scene at 798 Art Zone, a thriving cultural hub set in a decommissioned military factory. With galleries, cafes, and quirky shops, it’s perfect for creative souls looking for inspiration and conversation.

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Tea Tasting in Maliandao Tea Street

Experience the traditional Chinese tea culture with a tea tasting session on Maliandao Tea Street. It’s not only educational but also a soothing way to spend time getting to know each other.

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Paddle Boating at Beihai Park

Rent a paddle boat and explore the vast Beihai Park lake together. It’s a fun and active way to enjoy each other's company while admiring ancient temples and lush gardens around you.

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Night Market Adventure at Wangfujing

Discover the bustling Wangfujing Night Market where you can try various local snacks and delicacies. It’s an exciting culinary adventure that’s sure to spark lively conversations and create memorable experiences.

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Dating in Beijing

In the bustling heart of Beijing, where ancient culture meets modern vibrancy, finding your perfect match should be as exciting and diverse as the city itself. That's where One Scene shines! Tailored to embrace every hue of the rainbow, our app connects you with like-minded souls in a city famed for its historical grandeur and contemporary flair. Whether you're exploring the winding hutongs or the sleek skyscrapers, One Scene offers a safe, inclusive platform where every profile is a gateway to a deeper connection. Here, you can discover love that understands no boundaries, right in the heart of Beijing. Join One Scene, and let your love story unfold amidst the city's enchanting blend of old and new.

A brief history of Beijing

Beijing, a city where ancient meets modern, has always been the heart of China’s cultural tapestry. This sprawling capital has seen emperors rise and fall, and has been the stage for many of history's grand romances and artistic expressions. The city's historic sites like the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace tell tales of yesteryears, where love and loyalty were often central themes in poetry and art. These sites are not just tourist destinations but places where locals often stroll through gardens and along ancient walls, perhaps whispering sweet nothings or stealing a moment with someone special.

In contemporary times, Beijing has transformed into a vibrant metropolis buzzing with youthful energy. The city’s numerous parks, like the expansive Olympic Park, serve as popular hangout spots for couples and friends alike. As night falls, the city lights up and the streets fill with people enjoying the cool evening air. The local cuisine, rich in flavor and tradition, makes for perfect date nights over steaming hotpot or Peking duck. Moreover, Beijing's commitment to inclusivity is evident in its welcoming atmosphere at various cafes and public spaces that encourage people from all walks of life to meet and mingle, making it an ideal backdrop for new connections and enduring relationships.