Population 9,600,000
Single pop. 2,643,840
Timezone Asia/Shanghai
Country China

Xi'an - 'City of Eternal Peace'

Welcome to Xi'an, a city where ancient charm meets modern vibrancy! Known as the home of the Terracotta Warriors, this city is steeped in history, offering a stunning backdrop for romance and discovery. Whether you're strolling hand-in-hand through the bustling Muslim Quarter, exploring the majestic City Wall at sunset, or enjoying a cozy café in the artsy district of Qujiang, Xi'an provides endless opportunities for love to blossom. With its rich cultural tapestry and welcoming atmosphere, Xi'an invites you to create unforgettable memories and connect with others who are just as adventurous and open-hearted.

Date ideas for Xi'an

Stroll through the Ancient City Wall

Walk or rent bikes to explore Xi'an's Ancient City Wall, one of the oldest and best-preserved city walls in China. It's a perfect spot for a leisurely stroll or ride with a picturesque view, especially beautiful at sunset.

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Explore the Muslim Quarter

Dive into the vibrant atmosphere of the Muslim Quarter, where you can taste local snacks, shop for souvenirs, and experience the rich cultural fusion that defines Xi'an. It’s a lively area that offers both delicious food and a peek into local life.

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Tea Tasting at Defachang Tea House

Experience traditional Chinese tea culture with a tea tasting session at Defachang Tea House. Enjoy a variety of teas and learn about their history and significance in Chinese culture.

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Visit the Big Wild Goose Pagoda

Spend an afternoon at the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, a historic Buddhist pagoda dating back to the Tang Dynasty. It's not only an architectural marvel but also a peaceful place for contemplation.

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Night Market Adventure at Yongxing Fang

Explore Yongxing Fang Night Market for an evening filled with culinary delights. This market is known for its wide array of street food options, showcasing flavors from all over China in one bustling spot.

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Dating in Xi'an

Discover love in Xi'an with One Scene, where ancient charm meets modern diversity. In a city famed for its Terracotta Warriors and captivating historical sites, One Scene offers a vibrant, inclusive platform that mirrors Xi'an's blend of tradition and contemporary life. Whether you're exploring the bustling Muslim Quarter or enjoying a tranquil moment by the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, our app connects you with diverse singles who are eager to share these experiences. Perfect for everyone in the LGBTQI+ community and beyond, One Scene ensures a safe, welcoming space where all can find friendship and romance amidst the rich cultural tapestry of Xi'an. Join us and let your love story unfold in one of China's most storied cities!

A brief history of Xi'an

Xi'an, a city where ancient whispers meet modern vibes, is a treasure trove of history that dates back over three millennia. Once the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and the capital of several significant dynasties, including the Qin, Han, and Tang, Xi'an has been a melting pot of cultures and ideas throughout its storied past. The city's rich heritage is epitomized by the world-famous Terracotta Army, guarding the tomb of China's first emperor, Qin Shi Huang. This historical depth creates a unique backdrop for romantic explorations, where love stories feel woven into the fabric of time itself.

In modern times, Xi'an has transformed into a vibrant metropolis, buzzing with youthful energy and a spirit of inclusivity. Its ancient city walls encircle bustling streets and quaint cafes that offer cozy spots for heartfelt conversations. The Giant Wild Goose Pagoda stands as a beacon of serenity—a perfect escape for couples seeking a moment of peace in the city's lively rhythm. As night falls, the city lights up, and areas around the Great Tang All Day Mall burst into life, offering picturesque walks and a plethora of dining options where you can share memorable meals with someone special. In Xi'an, every corner offers an opportunity to make connections that respect and celebrate each individual's journey, making it an ideal place for hearts seeking to write their own love stories in a city that honors every hue of humanity.