Population 1,963,264
Single pop. 540,683
Timezone Africa/Accra
Country Ghana


Welcome to Accra, the heart of Ghana, where vibrant culture meets modern charm! This bustling metropolis is not just the capital city but a lively hub of activity, rich in history and brimming with colorful festivals, diverse cuisine, and warm, welcoming locals. Whether you're strolling along the sandy shores of Labadi Beach or exploring the artsy enclaves of Osu, Accra offers a dynamic backdrop for romance and new connections. Here, every corner promises a new adventure, making it the perfect scene for sparking a special connection. Join us in Accra, where love knows no bounds and every heart finds a home.

Date ideas for Accra

Stroll at Labadi Beach

Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere of Labadi Beach, where you can walk along the shore, watch local performances, or simply relax and soak up the sun. It's a lively spot that offers a taste of Accra's spirited culture.

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Art Tour at Nubuke Foundation

Explore Ghanaian art and culture at the Nubuke Foundation. This gallery and cultural center showcases contemporary art from Ghana and beyond, providing a thoughtful backdrop for meaningful conversations.

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Dine at Skybar25

Experience dining with a view at Skybar25, located in one of Accra's tallest buildings. It's a great place to enjoy delicious food, cocktails, and panoramic views of the city—a perfect setting for a memorable date.

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Visit Jamestown Lighthouse

Take a historical outing to Jamestown Lighthouse. The area is rich in history and offers colorful street art and architecture. It’s an inspiring spot for those who appreciate history and culture.

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Picnic in Aburi Botanical Gardens

Escape the city for a day trip to Aburi Botanical Gardens. Just outside Accra, these expansive gardens offer a serene environment ideal for a picnic or leisurely walk amidst exotic plants and flowers.

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Dating in Accra

In the vibrant heart of Accra, where diverse cultures blend seamlessly and modern vibes meet rich traditions, finding love should be as colorful and inclusive as the city itself. That's where One Scene shines! Tailored for everyone in Accra's youthful, eclectic crowd, our app is a safe haven where you can be your authentic self, no matter your background or who you love. From Labone to Osu, connect with genuine people looking for meaningful relationships. Whether you're catching the sunset at Labadi Beach or exploring artsy enclaves in Jamestown, One Scene brings you closer to companions who are as adventurous and unique as you are. Let's make love stories as dynamic and diverse as Accra!

A brief history of Accra

Accra, the vibrant heart of Ghana, pulses with a history as dynamic and diverse as its inhabitants. Originally built around a port, it has grown from a small fishing village into the sprawling metropolis and the cultural hub we know today. Over the centuries, Accra has been touched by colonial influences, gaining architectural treasures and historical depth along the way. However, it's the resilient and spirited nature of its people that truly defines the city's rich heritage.

Modern-day Accra is a colorful tapestry of music, art, and festivals, making it an ideal backdrop for romance and new connections. The city boasts beautiful beaches like Labadi Beach, where young love often blossoms against the backdrop of Atlantic waves and rhythmic drumbeats. The bustling arts scene in areas like Osu provides endless opportunities for creative and memorable dates, from gallery hops to local theater productions. In Accra, every corner offers a chance to create beautiful memories together, making it a perfect place for love to flourish amidst diversity and inclusivity.