Population 1,767,200
Single pop. 486,687
Timezone Africa/Conakry
Country Guinea


Welcome to Conakry, a vibrant city pulsating with life and culture, nestled on the Atlantic coast of Guinea. This bustling capital is a tapestry of colorful markets, sandy beaches, and lively music scenes that reflect its rich heritage. Whether you're strolling along the palm-lined streets of the Camayenne Peninsula or soaking in the rhythmic beats of local drummers at a beachside cafe, Conakry offers a picturesque backdrop for romance and new connections. The city's warm, welcoming atmosphere makes it a perfect place for anyone looking to write their own love story amidst its scenic beauty and cultural diversity.

Date ideas for Conakry

Sunset Walk at Soumba Waterfalls

Experience the beauty of nature together with a sunset walk at Soumba Waterfalls. Located just outside Conakry, it's a perfect escape to enjoy soothing sounds of cascading water and lush greenery.

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Explore the National Museum

Dive into the rich history and culture of Guinea at the National Museum in Conakry. It's a great way to spend an afternoon learning about each other's interests and the heritage of the region.

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Beach Day at Îles de Los

Take a short boat trip to the Îles de Los and enjoy a relaxing day on pristine beaches. It’s ideal for snorkeling, swimming, or just lounging by the sea — perfect for a memorable date.

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Stroll through Jardin 2 Octobre

Enjoy a peaceful stroll through Jardin 2 Octobre, a beautiful and well-maintained garden in the heart of Conakry. It's a quiet spot for meaningful conversations and enjoying each other's company.

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Coffee Break at Cafe de France

Grab a coffee or tea at Cafe de France, one of Conakry’s popular local spots. It offers a friendly atmosphere where you can have deep conversations or simply enjoy watching city life go by together.

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Dating in Conakry

Discover love in Conakry with One Scene, where every heart finds its match. In a city vibrant with cultural diversity and youthful energy, our app is your perfect companion to navigate the exciting dating scene. Whether you're strolling along the bustling markets, enjoying the sunset by the Atlantic, or exploring rich musical rhythms, One Scene connects you with individuals who truly resonate with your spirit and values. Here, everyone is welcome and celebrated for who they are—making it not just any dating platform but a community where genuine connections blossom. Join One Scene and let your love story unfold in the heart of Guinea.

A brief history of Conakry

Nestled on the Atlantic coast, Conakry, the vibrant capital of Guinea, has a rich tapestry of history that reflects a journey of resilience and cultural fusion. Originally a small Baga village, the city began to flourish in the late 19th century when it was chosen as the capital of French Guinea. This transformation brought about a melding of indigenous cultures with French influences, creating a dynamic urban tapestry that's lively and colorful, much like the personalities of its people today.

Conakry is not just a political and economic hub; it's also the beating heart of Guinea's cultural life. Its streets are alive with music ranging from traditional African rhythms to modern beats, mirroring the diverse backgrounds and harmonious coexistence of its inhabitants. The city's coastal line boasts stunning views and breezy promenades, ideal for romantic walks at sunset or spirited gatherings with new friends. Amid this backdrop, Conakry's youth thrive on connectivity and openness, fostering a community where every voice is heard and every heart finds its beat. Here, love isn't just in the air; it's a shared journey woven into the very fabric of Conakry’s inclusive spirit.