Population 388,028
Single pop. 106,863
Timezone Africa/Bissau
Country Guinea-Bissau


Welcome to Bissau, a vibrant city where culture pulses through the streets and diversity colors every corner. Nestled on the Atlantic coast of Guinea-Bissau, this lively capital is a tapestry of bustling markets, lively music scenes, and lush, green spaces perfect for leisurely strolls or romantic picnics. Whether you're exploring the rich history displayed in its museums, dancing to the rhythm of local music at a festival, or enjoying the city's array of cafes and restaurants, Bissau offers a warm, welcoming atmosphere that makes it an ideal backdrop for sparking new connections and nurturing relationships. Come find your scene in Bissau, where every heart finds a home!

Date ideas for Bissau

Stroll through Fortaleza de São José da Amura

Explore the historic Fortaleza de São José da Amura together. This fort offers a glimpse into Bissau's colonial past and provides stunning views of the port. It's a serene spot for a walk and deep conversations.

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Visit the National Ethnographic Museum

Dive into the rich cultural heritage of Guinea-Bissau at the National Ethnographic Museum. It’s a perfect date for history buffs or anyone interested in learning more about the local culture and traditions.

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Relax at Praia de Bruce

Spend a day at Praia de Bruce, enjoying the sun and sea. This beach is less crowded and offers a peaceful retreat to enjoy each other's company amidst natural beauty.

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Coffee Break at Pão Quente

Enjoy some local flavors with a coffee break at Pão Quente. Known for its friendly atmosphere, it’s a great spot to relax, chat, and taste some delicious pastries or local dishes.

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Dating in Bissau

In the vibrant heart of Bissau, where diverse cultures blend seamlessly, One Scene emerges as your go-to dating app to discover love in its most colorful forms. Whether you're strolling by the bustling Bandim Market or soaking up the sun at Praia dos Coqueiros, One Scene connects you with like-minded singles who are eager to explore genuine connections. Our platform respects and celebrates every identity, offering a welcoming space where you can be your authentic self. With One Scene, finding someone who truly gets you in Bissau has never been more exciting or easier. Join us and start your journey toward love today!

A brief history of Bissau

Nestled on the Atlantic coast of West Africa, Bissau, the vibrant capital city of Guinea-Bissau, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture. Originally founded in the 17th century as a Portuguese trading post, Bissau has grown into a bustling urban center, intertwining the old and the new in its architecture and daily life. The city's past is marked by its role in the Portuguese colonial era and its significant position in the struggle for independence which was achieved in 1974. This spirit of resilience and unity continues to pulse through the city's veins.

Today, Bissau is a canvas of colorful markets, lively festivals, and a melting pot of cultures that reflect its diverse population. The city celebrates various cultural festivals which are vibrant displays of local music, dance, and art, providing perfect opportunities for both locals and visitors to mingle and create connections. The coastal charm adds a romantic backdrop to the cityscape, with stunning sunsets at the Porto Pidjiguiti or leisurely walks along the Fortaleza d'Amura, where whispers of history blend with modern-day conversations. Bissau offers a unique setting where stories of love and friendship are waiting to be formed amidst its rich historical backdrop and welcoming community atmosphere.