Population 2,874,314
Single pop. 791,586
Timezone Asia/Jakarta
Country Indonesia

Surabaya - 'The City of Heroes'

Welcome to Surabaya, a vibrant gem in East Java where tradition meets modernity! This bustling city, known as the "City of Heroes," offers a rich tapestry of culture and history alongside its lively urban vibe. Whether you're strolling through the colorful streets, exploring the lush green parks, or enjoying the trendy cafes and restaurants, Surabaya provides a dynamic backdrop for all your romantic adventures. It's a place where every heart finds a beat, making it the perfect scene for love to blossom in every spectrum.

Date ideas for Surabaya

Stroll through Taman Bungkul

Enjoy a leisurely walk or a relaxed picnic at Taman Bungkul. This park is a beloved local hangout with plenty of green space, food stalls, and a friendly atmosphere, making it perfect for a laid-back date.

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Visit the House of Sampoerna

Explore the House of Sampoerna together. This museum located in a beautifully restored Dutch colonial building offers insights into the history of tobacco in Indonesia and the Sampoerna family. Afterward, enjoy a coffee at the cafe.

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Culinary adventure at Pasar Atom

Dive into the vibrant scenes of Pasar Atom, one of Surabaya’s most famous markets. Sample a variety of local foods and snacks, making it a fun and delicious date for food lovers.

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Sunset at Kenjeran Beach

Catch a stunning sunset together at Kenjeran Beach. It's a peaceful spot to unwind and enjoy each other's company by the sea, away from the hustle of the city.

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Art exploration at Ciputra World Surabaya

Spend your date exploring contemporary art exhibitions at Ciputra World Surabaya. The mall often hosts art events and showcases that are sure to spark interesting conversations and inspire creativity.

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Dating in Surabaya

Surabaya, with its vibrant mix of cultures and bustling urban energy, is the perfect backdrop for new connections and romantic adventures. One Scene taps into this dynamic spirit by offering a welcoming platform where everyone can find their match. Whether you're exploring the colorful streets of Kampung Warna or enjoying the coastal views at Kenjeran Park, One Scene ensures that your journey to find love is inclusive, safe, and full of possibilities. Here, diversity isn't just celebrated; it's the heart of every match made. Join One Scene today and discover a community where all are welcome and every story matters—right here in Surabaya.

A brief history of Surabaya

Surabaya, a vibrant gem in East Java, carries a rich tapestry of history and culture that mirrors its dynamic spirit. Known as the "City of Heroes," Surabaya earned this title from its pivotal role in the Indonesian battle for independence. Today, it stands as Indonesia's second-largest city, pulsating with youthful energy and a melting pot of cultures and ethnicities. This historical bravery and resilience foster a strong sense of community and belonging among its inhabitants, making it a nurturing ground for relationships and connections of all kinds.

The city is not just about its past; it's a place where tradition meets modernity. Surabaya’s beautiful landscapes, like the enchanting Kenjeran Park and the historic Tugu Pahlawan, offer romantic backdrops for young love to blossom. The city’s extensive culinary scene, from cozy cafés to vibrant street food, provides perfect spots for those first exciting meet-ups or long, deep conversations under starlit skies. For young hearts and spirits in Surabaya, every corner offers an opportunity to spark connections that respect and celebrate each individual's unique journey.