Population 432,892
Single pop. 119,218
Timezone Asia/Jerusalem
Country Israel

Tel Aviv - 'The White City'

Welcome to Tel Aviv, a vibrant city pulsing with life, culture, and an unmatchable welcoming spirit. Known as the city that never sleeps, Tel Aviv is a perfect blend of beautiful beaches, thriving nightlife, and artistic flair, making it an ideal backdrop for romance and new connections. Whether you're strolling through the historic streets of Jaffa, dancing the night away in one of the city's dynamic clubs, or enjoying a sunset on the Mediterranean shore, Tel Aviv offers a warm embrace to all, fostering connections that celebrate every color of the rainbow.

Date ideas for Tel Aviv

Sunset stroll at Tel Aviv Port

Enjoy a romantic walk along the bustling Tel Aviv Port as the sun sets over the Mediterranean. The area is vibrant, with plenty of cafes and restaurants to explore after your stroll.

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Art exploration at Tel Aviv Museum of Art

Spend a day admiring contemporary and classic art at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. It's a cultural hub that offers a diverse array of exhibitions, appealing to a wide range of artistic tastes.

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Beach day at Gordon Beach

Relax on the sandy shores of Gordon Beach, a popular spot for both locals and tourists. It's perfect for a laid-back day soaking up the sun, playing beach games, or just enjoying each other's company by the sea.

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Culinary tour in Levinsky Market

Dive into the flavors of Tel Aviv with a culinary tour of Levinsky Market. Explore different food stalls and taste local delicacies together—a fun way to discover new tastes and share experiences.

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Cycling around Yarkon Park

Rent bikes and explore Yarkon Park, Tel Aviv’s largest green space. It's ideal for active couples who enjoy nature and outdoor activities, offering picturesque paths and tranquil spots to stop and relax.

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Dating in Tel Aviv

In the vibrant heart of Tel Aviv, where diversity paints the city’s every corner, One Scene stands as your ultimate companion in the quest for love. Known for its dynamic LGBTQI+ community and celebrated as a beacon of inclusivity, Tel Aviv matches perfectly with One Scene's ethos. Whether you're soaking up the sun at Hilton Beach, dancing the night away in one of the city's buzzing nightclubs, or enjoying a quiet café on Rothschild Boulevard, our app connects you with like-minded souls right in your neighborhood. With One Scene, experience a dating environment where everyone truly means everyone, ensuring that no matter your identity or background, you’ll find a space to meet genuine people who are looking for the same thing as you: a chance at love in one of the world’s most open-hearted cities.

A brief history of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, a vibrant city on Israel's Mediterranean coast, is often referred to as "The City That Never Sleeps," mirroring its dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. Established in 1909 by a diverse group of families seeking a fresh beginning away from the congested and historic port city of Jaffa, Tel Aviv rapidly blossomed into a bustling urban center. Its streets are lined with buildings inspired by the Bauhaus style, earning it the nickname "The White City" and a spot on UNESCO's World Heritage list. This architectural charm sets a picturesque backdrop for both locals and visitors alike.

Today, Tel Aviv stands as a beacon of modernity and tolerance in the Middle East. Known for its youthful spirit and progressive values, the city warmly embraces diversity across all spectrums of life, including a strong and active LGBTQI+ community. Its annual Pride Parade is one of the city's highlights, drawing thousands from around the globe to celebrate love and freedom openly. The city's beaches, bars, and art scenes offer endless opportunities for meeting new people and forging connections that transcend boundaries. Whether strolling through the bohemian alleys of Neve Tzedek or enjoying a sunset by the beach, Tel Aviv offers a welcoming space for everyone to find love and companionship in their own unique way.