Population 15,388,000
Single pop. 4,237,855
Timezone Africa/Lagos
Country Nigeria

Lagos - 'Eko'

Welcome to Lagos, a vibrant city pulsing with energy and rich in diversity! Known as the heartbeat of Nigeria, Lagos offers a dynamic backdrop for romance and connection. From the sun-drenched shores of Tarkwa Bay to the bustling markets of Balogun, every corner of this city sings with life. Whether you're exploring the artistic treasures at Nike Art Gallery or dancing the night away in Victoria Island's lively clubs, Lagos provides the perfect scene for all hearts to find their match. Here, every moment is an opportunity to meet someone new and create unforgettable memories together. Join us in Lagos, where love knows no bounds and every connection is a celebration of our unique tapestry.

Date ideas for Lagos

Sunset at Lekki Conservation Centre

Experience nature like never before at the Lekki Conservation Centre. Walk the longest canopy walkway in Africa, spot exotic wildlife, and enjoy a serene sunset together. It's a refreshing escape from the city buzz.

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Art lovers' date at Nike Art Gallery

Immerse yourselves in Nigerian culture at Nike Art Gallery, one of the largest art galleries in West Africa. Explore five floors of stunning artworks and perhaps find a piece that moves both of you!

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Beach day at Tarkwa Bay

Take a ferry to Tarkwa Bay Beach for a fun-filled day by the sea. Swim, sunbathe, or just relax on the sand. It's less crowded than other beaches, offering a more intimate setting for your date.

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Explore Freedom Park

Visit Freedom Park, formerly a colonial prison, now transformed into a cultural hub. Enjoy live music, theater performances, and food stalls that offer a taste of local cuisine in an open, welcoming environment.

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Dinner cruise on the Lagos Lagoon

Book a dinner cruise on the Lagos Lagoon for an evening of dining under the stars. Enjoy delicious meals with panoramic views of Lagos—perfect for a romantic evening out.

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Dating in Lagos

In the vibrant heart of Lagos, where every corner buzzes with life and diversity, finding love that truly understands and celebrates you can be a thrilling adventure. That's where One Scene comes in! Designed with every heart in mind, our app is your go-to place to connect with like-minded souls in Lagos. Whether you're exploring the colorful streets of Lekki, unwinding by the serene waters at Tarkwa Bay, or navigating the bustling markets of Ikeja, One Scene brings you closer to individuals who share your passions and values. It’s more than just swiping; it’s about creating meaningful connections in a city as dynamic as you are. So, why wait? Dive into Lagos’s dating scene with One Scene, where everyone is welcome and every love story is celebrated.

A brief history of Lagos

Lagos, a vibrant heartbeat on the coast of Nigeria, tells a story of transformation from a small Awori Yoruba fishing village to a bustling metropolis, rich in history and diversity. Known as Èkó in the local language, Lagos has always been a place of convergence where various cultures, ideas, and traditions blend seamlessly, creating a dynamic and inclusive atmosphere. This city not only played a pivotal role in Nigeria's economic boom but also served as the capital until 1991, positioning itself as a crucial hub for cultural exchanges and progressive movements.

Today, Lagos stands as a symbol of resilience and unity, welcoming all who seek to be part of its continuous growth. With its picturesque beaches like Tarkwa Bay, vibrant nightlife, and an array of festivals celebrating everything from art to music and film, Lagos offers countless opportunities for young people to connect and create memorable experiences. Whether strolling through Lekki Conservation Centre or catching a live band at Freedom Park, the city provides a romantic backdrop for those chasing new connections or deepening existing bonds. In Lagos, every corner hums with potential stories of friendship and love waiting to unfold, making it an ideal scene for anyone looking to write their own tale of companionship and belonging.