Population 2,761,720
Single pop. 760,578
Timezone Asia/Manila
Country Philippines

Quezon City - 'City of Stars'

Welcome to Quezon City, a vibrant urban hub in the heart of Metro Manila! Known for its youthful energy and rich cultural tapestry, this city is a bustling blend of creativity, history, and modernity. Whether you're exploring the trendy cafes of Maginhawa, soaking in the arts at the Vargas Museum, or enjoying nature in La Mesa Eco Park, Quezon City offers a dynamic backdrop for all your romantic adventures. It's a place where every corner holds a new possibility and every face in the crowd could be the connection you've been hoping for. Join us in Quezon City, where love and friendship bloom in the most unexpected places!

Date ideas for Quezon City

Art in Island

Dive into creativity at Art in Island, an interactive 3D art museum that's perfect for playful hearts. Snap some fun photos together and enjoy the immersive art pieces that make you part of the artwork.

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La Mesa Eco Park

Connect with nature at La Mesa Eco Park, where you can take a peaceful walk, rent a bike, or have a picnic by the lake. It's a beautiful escape from the urban hustle and perfect for a serene date.

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Maginhawa Food Park

Explore the vibrant Maginhawa Food Park for a gastronomic adventure. With a variety of food stalls offering everything from local delicacies to international cuisine, it's a food lover’s paradise and a great casual date spot.

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Mystery Manila

Challenge yourselves with an escape room experience at Mystery Manila. Solve puzzles and decode clues together in one of their themed rooms, perfect for couples who love a bit of mystery and teamwork.

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UP Diliman Campus Walk

Take a leisurely stroll around the University of the Philippines Diliman campus. Visit iconic spots like the Sunken Garden and the Vargas Museum. It’s not only educational but also incredibly scenic, making it ideal for deep conversations.

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Dating in Quezon City

In the vibrant heart of Quezon City, where diversity blooms as brightly as the flowers in the La Mesa Eco Park, One Scene stands out as your go-to dating app. This bustling urban sprawl, known for its youthful energy and rich cultural tapestry, is the perfect backdrop for love stories of all hues. Whether you're sipping coffee at a chic café in Maginhawa or exploring art galleries in Cubao X, One Scene connects you with like-minded souls right in your neighborhood. Our app embraces every color of the rainbow, offering a safe, inclusive space where you can be your authentic self. Find your match in Quezon City with One Scene, where love knows no boundaries!

A brief history of Quezon City

Quezon City, named after the second President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon, who founded the city in 1939 as part of a grand vision to create a new capital, stands today as a vibrant symbol of progress and diversity. Originally designed to be the nation's capital, it is now known for its bustling atmosphere and youthful energy, fueled by numerous educational institutions, including the prestigious University of the Philippines. This infusion of young spirits ensures that Quezon City remains a dynamic hub for cultural exchange and social interaction, making it an exciting playground for love and connections.

With its sprawling green spaces like the La Mesa Eco Park and Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, Quezon City offers romantic backdrops for early dates or tranquil moments away from the urban rush. The city's commitment to inclusivity can be felt in its lively arts scene and various community events that celebrate diversity, echoing a warm welcome to people from all walks of life. Whether you're strolling through the art-laden streets of Cubao X, catching an indie film at a local cinema, or enjoying a meal in one of the many eclectic food hubs, Quezon City provides endless opportunities for shared experiences and creating lasting bonds. Here, every connection made enriches its tapestry, making it not just a place to find love but also a home where every heart is embraced.