Population 675,301
Single pop. 185,978
Timezone Europe/Madrid
Country Spain

Zaragoza - 'La Ciudad del Viento'

Welcome to Zaragoza, a vibrant gem nestled by the Ebro River, where history and modernity dance under the Spanish sun. This city is a treasure trove of stunning architecture, from the grandeur of the Basilica del Pilar to the intricate beauty of La Seo Cathedral. Zaragoza is not just about splendid monuments; it's a lively hub with bustling markets, cozy cafes, and verdant parks perfect for romantic strolls or joyful meetups. Whether you're exploring its rich cultural tapestry or enjoying its dynamic nightlife, Zaragoza offers a warm embrace to all, making it an ideal backdrop for sparking new connections and writing love stories.

Date ideas for Zaragoza

Stroll through Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta

Enjoy a peaceful walk or a leisurely bike ride together in Zaragoza's largest park. With beautiful fountains, sculptures, and plenty of green space, it's a perfect spot for a relaxed date.

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Explore Aljafería Palace

Dive into history at the Aljafería Palace, an 11th-century Islamic fortress that later became a Christian royal residence. Its rich history and stunning architecture make it a fascinating place to explore together.

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Tapas night in El Tubo

Experience Zaragoza’s famous tapas scene in the vibrant El Tubo area. It’s a fun way to sample different local dishes while enjoying the lively atmosphere, making it ideal for an engaging culinary adventure.

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Visit the Goya Museum

Art lovers can spend a date at the Goya Museum, which showcases works by Francisco de Goya, one of Spain’s most famous artists. It’s a cultural experience that sparks great conversations.

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Canoeing on the Ebro River

Add a splash of adventure to your date by canoeing on the Ebro River. It offers a unique perspective of Zaragoza and is perfect for couples looking for a bit of excitement and teamwork.

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Dating in Zaragoza

In the vibrant heart of Aragon, Zaragoza is a city where history and modernity dance together under endless blue skies. It's here, among the bustling tapas bars, serene riverside walks, and lively cultural festivals, that One Scene becomes your perfect companion in finding love. Our app embraces the rich tapestry of identities that thrum through this city, offering a welcoming space for everyone—whether you're LGBTQI+, transgender, or simply seeking a genuine connection. With One Scene, you can explore Zaragoza's romantic potential with someone who truly gets you, making every shared sunset by the Basílica del Pilar or laughter-filled evening at Plaza del Pilar not just a moment, but a beginning. Join us, and let's color your love story with the diverse hues of Zaragoza!

A brief history of Zaragoza

Nestled on the banks of the River Ebro, Zaragoza, a city steeped in history and vibrant culture, offers a picturesque backdrop that inspires romance and deep connections. Known as Saragossa in English, this city is a tapestry woven with the threads of Roman, Moorish, Jewish, and Christian influences, each layer adding depth and diversity to its character. The city's rich past is mirrored in its stunning architecture, notably the Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, a pilgrimage site of love and faith, and La Seo Cathedral, both of which create a magical setting for anyone looking to spark a connection.

Zaragoza is not only about historical landmarks; it's a bustling modern city with a youthful vibe and inclusive spirit. The annual Fiestas del Pilar is a testament to this, where streets come alive with music, dance, and art, reflecting the city’s open-hearted and welcoming nature. For those young at heart and seeking love or friendship, Zaragoza offers lush parks like Parque Grande José Antonio Labordeta and the romantic banks of the Ebro — perfect for leisurely strolls or cozy picnics. The city’s commitment to inclusivity makes it a safe space for everyone, including members of the LGBTQI+ community and transgender individuals, ensuring that every visit can turn into an opportunity for enchanting encounters and building meaningful relationships. Whether you're exploring its historic alleys or enjoying its lively contemporary culture, Zaragoza invites all to meet, mingle, and maybe even fall in love.