Population 277,554
Single pop. 76,438
Timezone Europe/Madrid
Country Spain

Gijón - 'La Villa de Jovellanos'

Welcome to Gijón, a vibrant coastal gem in Asturias, Spain, where history and modernity dance along the shores of the Bay of Biscay. This city is a cultural hotspot with its bustling sidrerías (cider houses), enchanting old town, and lively beach scene. Whether you're strolling through the lush greenery of Isabel la Católica Park, exploring the innovative exhibitions at the Laboral City of Culture, or soaking up the sun on San Lorenzo Beach, Gijón offers a picturesque backdrop for romance and new connections. With its inclusive atmosphere and rich array of festivals like Semana Grande, Gijón is the perfect place to meet someone special, where every heart finds a home.

Date ideas for Gijón

Stroll along San Lorenzo Beach

Take a relaxing walk along the beautiful San Lorenzo Beach. With its expansive shoreline and picturesque views, it's a perfect spot for a leisurely date where you can chat and enjoy the ocean breeze.

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Visit the Botanical Garden

Explore the serene paths of Gijón's Botanical Garden. This lush, green space offers a tranquil setting ideal for getting to know each other better amidst nature's beauty.

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Discover the Revillagigedo Palace

Step into history at the Revillagigedo Palace, an impressive architectural marvel in Gijón. It's a cultural hotspot that often hosts art exhibitions and events, providing plenty to talk about as you wander through.

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Coffee at Café Dindurra

Enjoy a warm cup of coffee at Café Dindurra, one of Gijón’s historic cafes with a charming ambiance. It’s a great place to have deep conversations or simply enjoy some downtime together.

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Cider tasting in Cimavilla

Dive into the local culture with a cider tasting session in Cimavilla, the old fisherman's quarter. It’s not only fun but also lets you experience Asturias' famous cider tradition in its most authentic form.

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Dating in Gijón

Discover love in Gijón with One Scene, where every wave on our stunning beaches matches the diversity of connections you'll find here. Whether you're strolling through the historic Cimavilla or enjoying a cider in Muelle, One Scene brings Gijón's vibrant spirit to your fingertips. It's not just about finding someone, but finding the right someone in a community that values authenticity as much as you do. From Playa de San Lorenzo to the Jardín Botánico Atlántico, let One Scene be your compass to navigate the rich tapestry of hearts in Gijón. Here, every profile is a potential match, and every match is a step towards love—true, inclusive, and as exciting as our city’s own colorful festivals!

A brief history of Gijón

Nestled along the vibrant coast of northern Spain, Gijón is a city that boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and natural beauty. Originally named by the Romans as Gigia, it has flourished from its ancient roots into a bustling, modern city that embraces its past while looking boldly towards the future. The city’s history is marked by the ebb and flow of conquerors and cultures, each adding a unique layer to its diverse heritage. This blend of old and new creates a dynamic backdrop that inspires both adventure and romance.

Today, Gijón offers a picturesque setting that appeals to everyone, especially young people and those in the LGBTQI+ community looking for connection and companionship. Its urban beaches, like San Lorenzo, provide a perfect spot for romantic walks at sunset or joyful gatherings with new friends. The revitalized Cimavilla neighborhood, with its narrow streets and cozy cafes, serves as the heart of the city’s nightlife and is a charming destination for anyone looking to spark a new relationship or celebrate an existing one. In Gijón, every corner tells a story, and every face is met with an open heart, making it an ideal place for love to flourish in all its forms.