Population 285,068
Single pop. 78,508
Timezone America/Chicago
Country United States

Saint Paul - 'The Saintly City'

Welcome to Saint Paul, the vibrant heart of Minnesota! This city is a colorful tapestry of culture and history, buzzing with youthful energy and a welcoming spirit. Whether you're strolling along the scenic Mississippi River, exploring quaint cafes in the Cathedral Hill neighborhood, or enjoying the diverse culinary scene, Saint Paul offers a charming backdrop for romance and new connections. With its rich array of arts, music, and inclusive events, this city is not just a place to live but a place to love and be yourself. Ready to meet someone special in Saint Paul? Let's make magic happen in the most inviting corners of our city!

Date ideas for Saint Paul

Stroll through Como Park Zoo and Conservatory

Enjoy a leisurely walk at the Como Park Zoo and Conservatory. This spot offers a beautiful, serene environment perfect for deep conversations or a quiet day out appreciating nature and adorable animals.

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Ice Skating at Rice Park

Lace up your skates for a fun ice skating date at Rice Park. This activity is especially magical during the winter months when the park is lit up with twinkling lights, creating a picturesque setting.

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Art Tour at Minnesota Museum of American Art

Explore contemporary art together at the Minnesota Museum of American Art. The museum showcases an inclusive array of artworks that reflect diverse American experiences, making it a thoughtful and inspiring date spot.

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Coffee Break at Nina's Coffee Cafe

Grab a warm cup of coffee at Nina's Coffee Cafe, a cozy and welcoming spot in the heart of Saint Paul. It's the perfect place to have engaging conversations and enjoy some quality time together.

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Live Music at Turf Club

Catch a live music show at Turf Club, an iconic venue that hosts a variety of musical acts. It’s a lively atmosphere to enjoy good tunes and good company, making it ideal for music lovers looking to share an exciting evening.

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Dating in Saint Paul

In the vibrant heart of the Twin Cities, Saint Paul stands out with its rich tapestry of cultures and open-hearted vibe. One Scene taps into this unique spirit, offering a colorful mosaic of connections right at your fingertips. Whether you're strolling by the Mississippi, catching a show at the Fitzgerald, or exploring the art at Lowertown, our app ensures that everyone finds a match who truly gets them. With One Scene, you're not just joining a dating app; you're stepping into a community where every voice is heard and cherished, making it the safest and most exciting way to discover love in Saint Paul.

A brief history of Saint Paul

Saint Paul, the vibrant capital of Minnesota, boasts a rich tapestry of history and culture that mirrors its dynamic evolution. From its origins as a Native American trading center to its establishment by Pierre Parrant in the early 19th century, Saint Paul has grown into a bustling hub of activity and inclusivity. The city's charming architecture, set against the backdrop of the Mississippi River, tells a story of a community that values its past while steadily marching towards the future.

Today, Saint Paul is celebrated for its diverse and welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect scene for young hearts seeking connection. The city is speckled with lush parks and cozy cafes where people from all walks of life can mingle and create memories. Annual events that champion diversity and inclusivity, like the vibrant Pride Parade, not only highlight the city’s open-hearted character but also create opportunities for encounters filled with laughter, conversation, and maybe even a spark of romance. Whether strolling through the historic streets or participating in the myriad of cultural festivals year-round, Saint Paul offers a backdrop where every love story can flourish.