Population 1,385,108
Single pop. 381,459
Timezone America/New_York
Country United States

Bronx - 'The Boogie Down'

Welcome to the Bronx, a vibrant tapestry of cultures and the birthplace of hip-hop! This borough is a colorful mosaic where creativity, music, and diverse cuisines flourish on every corner. With lush green spaces like the New York Botanical Garden and Wave Hill, the Bronx offers serene escapes for romantic strolls or lively picnics. Its rich history and dynamic community events make it the perfect backdrop for those looking to spark new connections and create memorable moments. Whether you're exploring the artistic streets of Little Italy or catching a game at Yankee Stadium, the Bronx invites you to join its lively atmosphere and inclusive spirit.

Date ideas for Bronx

Bronx Zoo Adventure

Spend a day with the wild at the Bronx Zoo! It's one of the largest zoos in the USA and offers a chance to see and learn about animals from all over the world. It’s a fun, educational experience perfect for sparking conversation.

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Picnic at Wave Hill

Enjoy a serene escape at Wave Hill, a beautiful public garden overlooking the Hudson River. Pack a picnic, stroll through lush gardens, and find a quiet spot to sit back and connect amidst nature’s beauty.

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Art Date at The Bronx Museum of the Arts

Explore contemporary art together at The Bronx Museum of the Arts. It’s free to enter and showcases works primarily by artists of African, Asian, and Latin American ancestry, reflecting the borough's diverse culture.

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Foodie Tour on Arthur Avenue

Take a culinary journey down Arthur Avenue, often referred to as the real Little Italy of New York. Sample authentic Italian dishes and pastries that have been lovingly prepared by generations of family-owned businesses.

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Walk in Van Cortlandt Park

Get active together with a walk or bike ride in Van Cortlandt Park. It’s the third-largest park in New York City, featuring trails, lakes, and plenty of green space to explore. Perfect for those who enjoy outdoor activities.

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Dating in Bronx

Discover love in the vibrant heart of Bronx with One Scene, where every color of the rainbow shines bright! Here, amidst bustling street art, soulful music beats, and the rich tapestry of cultures, our app connects you to a community as diverse as the borough itself. Whether you're strolling through Van Cortlandt Park or catching a game at Yankee Stadium, One Scene makes it easy to meet someone who truly gets you. Our platform is a celebration of all identities, offering a safe and joyful space where you can be your authentic self and find others who are doing the same. Join One Scene today and start your own unique love story in the Bronx!

A brief history of Bronx

Nestled north of Manhattan, the Bronx, with its rich tapestry of cultures and histories, offers a vibrant backdrop for stories of love and connection. This borough, the birthplace of hip-hop and home to the stunning New York Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo, pulses with an energy unlike any other part of New York City. The Bronx River flows through this dynamic landscape, symbolizing renewal and the ever-evolving nature of its communities.

Throughout the 20th century, the Bronx emerged as a melting pot of African American, Latinx, Italian, and various other cultures, contributing to a unique blend of musical, culinary, and artistic traditions. This cultural richness fosters diverse social scenes where connections can spark anywhere from lively street festivals to serene park walks. For those looking to weave their own love stories, the Bronx offers countless scenic spots and community events that serve as perfect backdrops for budding romances and deepening bonds.

Whether strolling through Wave Hill’s public gardens or catching a classic film under the stars at the annual outdoor film series, the borough encourages inclusive and heartfelt encounters. The Bronx's history of resilience and community spirit makes it an ideal place for nurturing relationships that reflect the borough’s diversity and dynamism. Here, every corner offers an opportunity to meet someone new, making it not just a place to live but a place to love.